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6 Month Subscription Renewal

6 Month Subscription Renewal


Renew your trial line or monthly subscription to view all our International Premium Live channels as well as Video on Demand Movies and Series with excellent video quality for 1 month.


What is included?


* 6 Months Obelix TV Subscription 

* All the channels listed under the "Channels List"  Tab. 

* Free 3D or F1 Frame


Please note that a minimum internet speed of 20 mbps is required to stream Obelix TV

Ensure to purchase a free trial line to test compatiblitly with your device and Internet Connection.


Orders placed out of business hours will only be processed on the next business day.


Happy Viewing!

  • 1 Month Subscription

    Please allow up to 2 - 3 hours for Subscriptions to be processed and delivered.

    All subscriptions are non-refundable.  

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